Physician and Provider Preceptorship


The purpose of this preceptorship is to help the attendee understand the real world application of their study in Functional Medicine. Rapid and successful incorporation of Functional Medicine principles is best accomplished through an immersion model in a real clinic and in a dynamic manner.


Dr. Matthew has lectured on many topics throughout the World over the years. She is as passionate about teaching as she is about helping her patients.


Dr. Matthew has designed a schedule that allows for clinical interaction with real patients, time with our support staff, and an extended period of one on one case studies and discussion. The preceptorship is 3 days in duration.


Private Physician and Provider Procedure Training


Dr. Matthew has designed a  schedule that allows for clinical interaction with real patients. Procedural training includes access to the educational slide presentation series that describes the background and medical knowledge base required to identify and successfully treat patients. The preceptorship is 1day in duration.




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