What are the steps involved?


STEP 1: Contact Us

Contact us by phone or online web form to indicate that you would like an appointment.  We will ask discuss your areas of interest to help you determine which program would be most appropriate.   A credit card number will also be requested at that time to reserve your appointment.

STEP 2: Evaluation

Time will be spent assessing your symptoms, taking a detailed medical history and physical exam. Since your time is important, our intent is for you to be seen promptly in a comfortable and attentive manner. At this point you will have selected from one of three programs so that the appropriate lab tests and care can be arranged.

STEP 3: Testing

Our preference is to order lab tests after your initial evaluation so that they are better tailored to your situation. If you already have lab work results, we ask that you bring them with you to your appointment.

STEP 4: Treatment

At the initial assessment, some initial recommendations will be offered.  We will have you return when we have received all the test results.  All test results will be reviewed with you and we will recommend treatment options in addition to discussing the risks and benefits of treatment.

STEP 5: Follow-Up

Wellness is not an event. It is a process. Therefore we recommend periodic follow up appointments. The timing for a follow-up appointment depends on the treatment. Medically supervised weight loss patients may be seen weekly.  Other patients are typically seen at 3 months and then every 6 months.


What is the cost?

The fee varies with the level of service requested and program chosen.   Costs of lab tests, prescriptions and supplements are not included in the fee.  Typical initial lab tests range from $150 to $400 and some of these may be covered by health insurance.  We will discuss costs with you prior to ordering any tests.

Does your office accept health insurance?

We do not have a relationship with health insurance companies. We will be glad to provide you with properly coded invoices that you may submit to your insurer for reimbursement. Many insurance plans will cover the cost of office visits according to their out-of-network provider schedule. Please contact your provider for more details on coverage. Payment is appreciated at time of service.

Will my insurance cover the cost of prescriptions and labs?

The answer depends on your insurance provider. Again we recommend you contact your provider. We will provide you with properly coded invoices that you may submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement. Some prescriptions are covered but is not unusual for custom compounded prescriptions and some specialized testing to not be covered. They may be covered under a Flex spending account.

Do I have to come to the office for a consult.

No medical advice or treatment will be offered without a full medical evaluation that includes a physical exam.

How long before I feel results?

Some people feel results within days. Most feel results within one month. Also, the results of proper treatment are associated with what you don’t feel (fatigue, irritability, depression, etc.)

What medical weight loss options do you offer?

We offer 2 different medically supervised weight loss programs and help match you to the program that best suits your needs.  Our QuickStart medical weight loss program offers rapid weight loss and can help you get started toward your weight loss goals.  Our Signature Weight Loss Transformation program is appropriate for people with medical conditions such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar or high cholesterol who want to improve these conditions with weight loss.

What program should I choose if I want a comprehensive evaluation or have chronic health conditions?

Our Optimal Wellness Program offers a more comprehensive evaluation with ongoing mentoring and support.  This program is most appropriate for anyone wanting a more comprehensive evaluation, needing to lose weight,  or those with chronic health conditions.

Are supplements available from your office?

Signature Wellness offers supplements in our office as a convenience to our patients. There is no obligation to purchase any product from the office. The products chosen meet high national standards for purity.  Dr. Matthew will be happy to review your supplements if you choose to purchase them elsewhere.

Will Signature Wellness replace my doctor?

Signature Wellness offers consulting services only. We do not replace your primary care physician who is responsible for your routine health problems and should help coordinate your care among your consultants.