What is Medical Wellness?


Medical Wellness has many facets. Our approach combines a Functional,Integrative and Holistic Medical philosophy directed toward prevention and achieving optimal wellness.

We see the medical aspect as an extension of preventive health care but in a more individualized manner.

Approximately 80% of all adult illness is due to degenerative processes. This includes heart disease, adult-onset diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, glaucoma, and Alzheimer’s.

With early detection and appropriate intervention, some of these diseases may have their downward course moderated. While we await the results of definitive research, there are simple things that you can start today.

Emerging science however, does seem to suggest that exercise has benefits beyond what we knew previously. Specifically, it may be an effective treatment for depression, it may reduce the risk of cancer recurrence, reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis and all as a result may make you feel younger. As a result, we often prescribe exercise for our patients. Our office has a small well equipped gym where private evaluation and training can be performed.


Sometimes, the way we feel inside does not match what we see in the mirror. We also offer Aesthetic Medicine services and those are described in more detail elsewhere on this site.